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Revival Luminy Sistem

Revival Luminy Sistem

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Revival Luminy Sistem is an innovative hair nutritional thermal sealer made with amino acids, biotin and acai oil. The binding between biocompatible amino acids leads to a progressive change in hair structure, making the hair shiny, nourished, movement, perfectly straight, and without the frizz.


Indication: For those seeking intensive treatment, reduction of frizz and a unique and natural smooth
  • Tradicional Brazilian Keratin
  • 100% safe
  • Compatible with any chemistry
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Lactic acid - is extracted from milk. It is responsible for controlling pH. It keeps the cuticle sealed and provides an intense shine.

Glyoxyloyl Keratin Amino Acids - is an amino acid, used to strengthen and straighten the hair. The aminoacid glioxiloil is the product obtained by the reaction of oxoacetamide and aminoacids.

Biotin - stimulates growth, avoids the appearance of white threads, recomposes the thickness, strengthens and rejuvenates the threads.

Açaí Oil - rich in nutrients such as vitamins, essential sugars and emollient oils. Its antioxidant and protective action promotes the complete regeneration of the hair, hydrating them efficiently and for a long period of time.

** May cause irritation and flaking in those with high sensitivity. For this reason, we recommend pregnant women, people with sensitive scalps and children below 12 years old do not use this product.


1 Shampoo Clean and Care 33 oz

1 Revival Luminy Sistem 33 oz

1 Capillary Rejuvenation 33 oz


15 to 20 applications

How to use

Step 1: 

With wet hair apply the Universal Clean and Care Shampoo and massage. Rinse and remove excess water with a towel.

Step 2:

After washing with the universal shampoo Cuticle Preparer (step 1), dry hair 50% with the help of a hair dryer. Divide the hair into four sections. Apply a small amount of the seal, strand by strand keeping a distance of 0,5 cm from the scalp. Remove excess with a fine comb, leave for 15 minutes. Then dry alternating hair dryer temperature between cold and warm and board in fine strands approximately 10 - 15 times each strand. Allow to cool. Rinse with water only.

Step 3: 

Remove the excess water with a towel. Apply the Capillary Rejuvenation (step 3). Leave it to work from 5-10 minutes depending on the desired level of hydration. Rinse and finish with the hair dryer.

  • Smooth and natural hair.
  • Eliminates frizz.
  • Intense and long-lasting shine.
  • More resistant, soft and maleable hair, because it restores lipids lost during chemical processes.
  • It is fully compatible with any chemical product.
  • Perfect for all types of hair, including virgin, bleached or reddish hair.


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